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June 2, 2019

It started as a cloudy Sunday. June Gloom they call it. But then the weather changed, and so did my mood. Up, down, up, down, up. Up, down. Just like strumming basically. The only thing I can honestly think of –as of right now, is “it’s a bright June Afternoon, it never gets dark
Wah-Wah! Here comes the sun” do you remember? No? Never heard of Roxette’s June Afternoon? Facepalm. Never mind.

I am not currently on the road but I keep on being houseless. Obviously. My perfect companion for this first week of transitioning –from having basically everything to surviving with nothing, is a beautiful chocolate Labrador, a pup who is not even 12 months old and I could not be happier or luckier. I am taking him to long walks at the bottom of the Verdugo Mountains while enjoying being free at least for a little while. I also continue with my boxing routine (your what? I know. I do not believe it either!) which basically makes me miss Hollywood a little less.

Walking around the neighborhood I see all these beautiful and regal houses that of course make you feel like you wanted to live in one that looks exactly like that Spanish style mansion on Bel Aire Drive, or that pretty little American style cottage on Harvard Road that really makes my old Harvard Boulevard look like Skid Row, at this point. So yes, all pretty houses, well taken care of, and most probably all hosting families or friends. I can see them through their open curtain windows, all busy getting dinner ready –I can smell corn popping through the evening breeze, while I walk the dog –who is still learning how not to chew on every little thing he finds on his way. But I am not in awe. I like what I see, but I cherish more. These Wisteria Lane areas are eye candy, but I am positive that what I will see, experience, and live soon, will be food for the soul.

I must say I am thankful I had the chance to slowly process this change of status. As many defined me before, “that train that never stops in front of anything” is instead enjoying taking a rest at a temporary station before the long road to the unknown. Who would have thought Laura “Burning Bridges”, the Binge Watching Queen, would enjoy a gradual switch, an observable mutation, an unhurried metamorphosis. Enough with the sudden shifts, the anxious relocations, the expected rearrangements? No, I don’t think so, but this is how it was supposed to be for now, so there’s that.

People keep on asking me: so what now? Where are you going? And despite the legitimate question –after all they see me leaving, but they just take for granted I am headed somewhere, giving me that dull expression when my answer goes: “nowhere specific, I’ll just go where the car will take me”. But I’ll keep on sharing with them the real and raw truth, regardless. It is not necessary to agree with someone. You do not need to agree with what I am doing, saying, thinking, or eating. As long as we respect each other and our opinions, we’re good. I’ll do me and you’ll do you boo. Good?

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