Yellowstone National Park


June 19, 2019

I am not sure I can express with the right words what Yellowstone is to the eyes of a binge watching queen. It’s like watching 10 seasons of 20 episodes each, all in one day. It is impossible I know, but that’s the feeling you get at taking part of this experience. It’s unbelievable. It’s majestic. It’s sensational. It’s phenomenal, extraordinary, perfect. Guess what? I spent years thinking “Oh, I wish I could go to Yellowstone, but who knows when I’ll be able to make it! Maybe never” so to quote Brendon Urie “hey look Ma, I made it”, which was, by the way, the only song the only remote radio station I could get in the park was broadcasting continuously, along with only two more songs. And the message saying “this broadcast was authorized by law one two three as this and this is now authorized to broadcast on channel one-ou-two-point-something”. On a loop. For at least 8 hours. Yes. Indeed. But who cares really when you’re in freaking YELLOWSTONE? Ya.

After last night and the storm, I thought I would wake up with bad weather having to opt for something random to do today, instead at 6AM I opened my eyes and the sun was out. Yes. Perfect. Thank you. My sore limbs inspired me to go for a run around the falls in Idaho Falls (duh) so I did. A little bit of music in the morning, and I am good to go, so off to Yellowstone, WY we go. I feel weird while driving. I can’t help but ponder on two messages I received this morning. One was from a friend I never met in person, but we worked together for an online magazine back in the day. It was one of those messages that breaks your heart, but at the same time warms it up. My stories are actually doing some good, and like I said on the first day, if I can be helpful even just for one person, then I did my homework properly. I am always thankful for such messages, and I wish I could do more. The other was from an old friend, who is now traveling the world helping people in need with her boyfriend. About this, go check them out because what they’re doing is pretty awesome, and she is simply an amazing person. Their project is called “A gadget for life“. Click on it. I drove with the feeling those two messages left within me, and I started the day with the right mood, opening up to my beloved Pachamama once I managed to find myself surrounded by it, in amazing, phantasmagoric Yellowstone National Park.

I am not going to blather today, as I want this to be a post for you all who are loving what I am doing, while seeing the world through my eyes. So this is for you. I really wish each and everyone of you could be here today. The beauty of this place soothes your soul, for real, and we all would need a soul massage every now and then.

Welcome to Heaven. Enjoy.

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