Angelika’s Arts

Before opting for Laura, my mom wanted to name me Angelika. So I have decided to give myself a pseudonym, a nom de plume, an assumed name, an alias, a professional name, a PEN NAME. And the creative world of Laura (Angelika) is now Angelika’s Arts.

Together with the passion for writing (oh really? -roll eyes- facepalm – Shush!!), I have decided to match my hobby of arts and crafts and the shop I created on Etsy, with something I kept hidden for a long time: a deep love for poetry. The writing part of Angelika’s Arts can be found on Instagram

A few things that I used to do, beyond writing :

I used to draw and paint a little,


I used to recycle objects by creating new ones -such as bags made out of folded paper, piggybanks made with combined plastic balls, blackboards with wooden pegs and paint, can tabs bracelets…

I used to make small pillows with scraps of cloth (these are just a few samples; I customized pillows for each one of my friends to give out as Christmas gifts, once),

I created earrings with old buttons (saved since 1800 or so it may seem!), FIMO®, and other recycled decorations,

I managed to create keychains made with metal and nail polish,

IMG_0803 2

oh and I’ve also done rag dolls for UNICEF, as I can sew and do crochet… (Francesca is wearing a suede dress I made for her sister, Silvia and I are wearing scarves and beanies made by A’sA -Angelika’s Arts)…

…and much more that I haven’t documented because it was always something I created as a present for family or friends.