UX writer | Content Strategist at TikTok For Business

PROBLEM #1: Simplify the content in the Business Help Center hub after receiving feedback from the users saying it was too hard to understand, too technical, and confusing. Finding a strategy in line with the company style.
SOLUTION: TikTok means short videos. Short videos can show information and guide the user at the same time, in a fast, straightforward way.
MY CONTRIBUTION TO THE TEAM: Collaborated with designers and product managers to articulate goals, and align on key messages for the product Education and Monetization Team. Developed new copy for testing. Edited existing copy for clarity and tone of voice. Created the scripts for the videos, making sure we used the best and most efficient wording. Helped with polishing video details (video-editing) before publication.
Before: Long page of readable instructions, with complex tech words and confusing content for new users. ↓

After: quick video with easy and clear instructions in total TikTok style and voice.


PROBLEM #2: Creative hub has not enough content for users to rely on and to get inspiration for their TikTok profile in order to create ads for their business.
SOLUTION: Created blog posts to redirect users to features and options that can be discovered while creating their TikToks in a more creative way.
MY CONTRIBUTION TO THE TEAM: Developed new copy for blog posts. Created the content strategy and developed concept and messaging.
Before and after: Not enough blog posts and references for users turns into a Creative Center with a lot of content to choose from. ↓


PROBLEM #3: Users complain there is no immediate way to find answers to their questions, no chat available for TikTok For Business.
SOLUTION: Develop a ChatBot that allows user to ask questions and have answers relevant to their needs. When ChatBot cannot help directly, it can redirect to Help Center pages and/or videos.
MY CONTRIBUTION TO THE TEAM: Developed strings for ChatBot and gathered the info for the answers from the Help Center database to build on. Collaborated with engineers and developers to create the ideal outcome for the ChatBot box and positioning.
Before and after: from not having a ChatBot to having an efficient one. ↓



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