What I think…

In this page you may or may not read of TV-series or movies, in the specific, but there is definitely going to be a reference or two, maybe three, to either a movie that I just watched, or that inspired that post, for whatever reason.

Haircut madness is where everything gets saved, no matter what, because the idea came right after my decision of shaving my head. Not to be opinionated or to be a prig, I just felt like I could maybe share a little of those disturbing thoughts I started having because of how I felt sensing that people were looking at me, or because they approached me and talked to me as if they had the right to share their opinion about my look: what I should change, what I should do, you looked cuter before, why did you even do that to yourself… yadda, yadda, yadda, yeah, no.

I always kept my thoughts private. Journaling and keeping my mouth shout because it was just better to do so. I just needed a change. Maybe.

The Binge Watching Queen can be anyone. It just feels like being Gossip Girl for the fact that, in here, I can say what I want. It may be something I really believe in, or I may be simply provoking you, teasing your brain for the sake of it, because after all “the very worst part of me… is you”. And you are also the reflection of myself into the world, so now, reach your own conclusion, like I do when the credits scroll down my screen and I am always wishing for some bloopers, but most of the times…nothing. So I wait, I think, until I get inspired to write about what I just watched.